Wednesday, September 6, 2017

It’s Easy to Pay Too Much When You Own a Business.

If you are a business owner and you have plumbing problems you may make the mistake of calling the first plumber that you come across.  A business owner (particularly a restaurant) cannot afford ANY downtime.  The future of your company and cash flow depends on choosing the right plumber at the right price.

Price is important, of course, but if you base your entire decision on that you may find that a larger problem will rear its ugly head.  Cleanliness and respect for the environment is tantamount.  You can’t have people coming in and tearing up the surroundings.  Foremost, the work needs to be guaranteed!

All of this is found in one company.  It is Charlotte, North Carolina’s full service commercial plumber Repairing America.  It is a catchy name, but we are just trying to keep Charlotte’s head above water.  Whenever you have a plumbing emergency at your company, think first of Repairing America and call (704) 532-5653.