Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Summer Camp YMCA of Greater Charlotte

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"Traditional and specialty day camps for preschool-aged children to teens in sports, swimming, dance, gymnastics, cheerleading and many others."

Another A/C Compressor Bites the Dust.

The air conditioner compressor in your home will eventually need to be replaced if you live there long enough.  The important thing to remember is that you are probably NOT the expert here.  Someone who is needs to diagnose the problem - then, and only then, steps need to be taken to replace it.

How do compressors work?  The refrigerant gas is transformed into a high-pressure and high-temperature substance that will be transferred to the condensing coil. The condensing coil, in turn, cools the gas into a liquid state.  Some minor replacements may be DIY jobs…this is NOT one of them!

A professional needs to be called in to both diagnose and correct the problem.  In Charlotte, we are fortunate to have the air conditioning compressor professionals at Repairing America.  Go ahead and visit their website at www.repairingamerica.com.  Stay cool, summer has a long way to go.  Call the a/c pros at Repairing America (704) 532-5653.