Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Big list of free things to do around Charlotte this weekend

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Plan your week on the cheap with this list of 80+ free events around Charlotte, from Friday, May 27th, 2016, to Monday, May 30th. We’ve included May 30th because of Memorial Day Weekend. Some highlights are U.S. Whitewater Center’s Memorial Day Celebration, Mint Hill Madness, and Speed Street.

Monday, May 16, 2016

It’s Air Conditioning Season in North Carolina.

Another hot, sticky summer is just about upon us.  How often (if at all) have you turned on you’re A/C so far this year?  How did people in the Charlotte area survive in the old days without whole home air conditioning?  Not only that, but imagine trying to run a business in the summer with an air conditioning unit that is not working properly.  Stay downwind you old-timers!

A comfortable home or business is definitely a happier, healthier environment.  Now before this becomes an emergency situation why not take charge and call the right people to check you’re A/C system BEFORE you are stranded in the summer heat?  You are looking for a professional company whose technicians are trained to troubleshoot any problem in an old or newer system.

At all of our air conditioning technicians are completely qualified.  In most cases they have graduated from HVAC schools and have been put through rigorous training long before they inspect your home or office.  Call Charlotte’s premier air conditioning specialists for a complete inspection of at (704) 532-5653.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Cleaning Chores in Charlotte.

Here are some reminders of what needs to be cleaned and inspected now that spring has truly sprung.  Maybe you are one of those who is on top of everything and all of the following has been addressed.  But, if you are like most of us you would be well served to pick up the phone and have a professional check these things for you.

1.)           Your dryer.  Clean the exhaust duct and space underneath
2.)           Gutters.  Clean them completely so they will flow freely
3.)           Furnace.  Even though you don’t need it now replace the filter regularly
4.)           Fireplace.  Examine the exterior of the chimney for any signs of damage
5.)           Sump pump.  If you have one in your basement test it to be certain it is operable.

These are just some of the spring cleaning tips that should be attended to. is a Charlotte handyman service and maintenance specialist.  You can count on them to ensure that everything has been done to perfection.  Springtime is the right time to give your home a good cleaning. Call today for a complete inspection at (704) 532-5653.