Monday, April 18, 2016

Pay Attention to Your Office’s Air Conditioning System.

Earlier this month we addressed the upcoming summer heat and how it may impact your home.  If your A/C unit has some years on it, you could have a real emergency this summer.  It is one thing to be inconvenienced for a day or two at home.  It is a FAR different kettle of fish if the air conditioning unit in your business shuts down the operation for even hours!

There are inspection points that need to be trusted to a professional.  Among these are…
1.)        Removing all debris from around the unit
2.)        Cleaning the fins from the inside out
3.)        Straightening those fins
4.)        Making sure that the unit is perfectly level
5.)        Cleaning the evaporator coil
6.)        Cleaning and freeing the evaporator drain.

All of these necessary maintenance duties must be done to perfection. is a Charlotte business air conditioning maintenance specialist.  You can count on them every time to ensure that everything has been done.  Springtime is the right time to check your businesses A/C unit.  Call today for a complete office inspection at (704) 532-5653.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Turning our Attention to Air Conditioning in Charlotte.

It is that time of year again when you need to consider the efficiency of your air conditioning system in your home.  There are many months of hot weather ahead.  How old is your current A/C unit?  You surely do not want it to break down when the temperature and humidity are in the 90’s.  Preventative maintenance now will save you a world of discomfort later.

An air conditioning maintenance check-up involves inspection of compressors.  This includes checking the cords, the power switch and fuse, making sure the coil is not blocked or damaged in any way, and checking the cooling fan carefully.  These are all elements that need to be trusted to a professional who does this for a living. is a Charlotte home air conditioning maintenance specialist.  When you call us you can count on reliability and close inspection afterwards to make sure that everything has been checked.  Springtime is the right time to check your home’s A/C unit.  Call today for a home inspection at (704) 532-5653.