Monday, March 7, 2016

Handyman Services in Charlotte.

Now that winter is about done wreaking its havoc it is time to assess what the “old man” has done to the outside of your home or business.  Winter weather can be unkind to fa├žade of your abode.  Walk around your home or office and take a close look at your gutters or drains.  What do you see?  Don’t just trust your own judgement, get the expertise of a Charlotte NC handyman.

If your home had any water damage during the course of the winter it is time to seriously address that problem as well.  And what about your roof?  DON’T go up there yourself!  Trust that to someone who does it for a living.  There are many other inspection points as well, but don’t forget your garage in all of this inspecting and repairing. IS the home of Charlotte’s most experienced handymen.  When you call us you can count on quality craftsmanship as well as reliability and close inspection afterwards to make sure that the job is perfectly done.  Springtime is clean-up time.  Call today for a home or office inspection at (704) 532-5653.