Monday, December 21, 2015

Have a Worry-Free Holiday Season.

We hope this holiday season is full of great cheer and joy.  If you are traveling please be safe and enjoy your destination with great food, good cheer, and wonderful fellowship.  The last thing you need this holiday season is something to be stressed about other than what is the right present to buy for Uncle Ralph who has everything?

Just remember if you have any plumbing problems or electrical snafus or a heating system goes on the fritz in the Charlotte, North Carolina area will be there. has been serving the Charlotte area for many years - no matter the time of day or the time of season.

They are licensed, bonded, and insured.  They always provide a clean, neat work area.  And best of all you will know the price before the work begins.  Nothing is more frustrating than surprising fees while the job is still going on.  Call in the Charlotte area anytime for any appliance or plumbing repair need at (704) 532-5653.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Choosing the Right Commercial Water Heater.

What makes the best water heater for your business?  Let’s look first at the Commercial light duty electric water heater.  It is designed for use as a recovery heater and has its own storage tank.  It is usually available in upright, standard, and lowboy, models. 

Then there is the Heavy-Duty thermostat commercial electric model.  Check this one to see if it meets your particular specifications.  With the Heavy Duty Immersion commercial electric water heater, you will find models that are designed to provide years of reliable operation in commercial application.

Whichever commercial water heater is right for your business consult the experts at REPAIRINGAMERICA.COM for all of the details and pricing.  No one in the Charlotte area is better equipped to outfit your business with the proper commercial water heating system at the best price.  Call REPAIRINGAMERICA.COM today at (704) 532-5653.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home.

It doesn’t matter how old your home is many electrical problems will start to show up before they become a serious problem.  Spotting these problems in the early stages can avoid something catastrophic like property damage or even electrocution.  This is NOT like plumbing or peeling paint…this is a potentially SERIOUS situation.

You may have problems with your circuit breaker.  If an older breaker seems to be tripping regularly it is time to call a professional.  DO NOT try to work inside of an electrical panel!  If you feel a minor shock when you touch one of your electrical appliances improper electrical wiring may be the cause.

The lesson here is do not just tolerate what you may feel are minor electrical glitches in your home.  Serious problems may be just one horrible moment away.  For any home electrical problems in the Charlotte NC area immediately call the professionals at  There are no travel fees.  A licensed professional electrician will come to your home and troubleshoot the problem.  Give us a call at (704) 532-5653.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hiring the Right Commercial Electrician.

When your business needs electrical repairs your choice of the right electrician is critical to avoid unwarranted expenses and to ensure that the job is done 100% correctly the first time.  The worst thing that can happen at times like this is to have your ability to do business impaired or even halted because of an unexpected electrical problem.

There are so many things that can go wrong.  Maybe your sign out front, which is the lifeblood of your business, needs to be repaired.  Maybe you need Cap 5 cable repair or replacement to keep your network functioning properly.  The lighting in your parking lot may be insufficient leaving you vulnerable to legal action if something should occur outside.

There are electrical problems and preventative measures too numerous to mention.  There is, however one easy solution to all of them in the Charlotte, NC area.  Contact today at (704) 532-5653.  They will access, estimate, and repair or replace all electrical problems in your business or home.  DO NOT try to fix electrical problems yourself!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Getting energy ready for winter.

Let’s get ready for the colder weather ahead by following some home winterizing tips that may be best handled by a professional.  It is always advisable to install weather-stripping and do some caulking to cut down dramatically on wasted energy and reduce your heating bills.  If a home is improperly sealed it can increase your home heating bill by 15% or more.

Every duct, wire or pipe that penetrates the wall or ceiling or floor has the potential to waste energy.  Have them sealed with caulking and weather-stripping.  And, of course get a routine maintenance and inspection of your heating system each autumn to make sure it is in good working order.

There are many more items than time allows to double check before winter hits with full force.  To be sure you are ready for the season ahead contact the experts in the Charlotte NC area  They will leave no stone unturned in getting your castle ready for old man winter.  Call today at (704) 532-5653.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Preventative Maintenance on your HVAC unit.

If you want maximum efficiency from your air conditioning system when the next hot summer arrives then now is the time to have it inspected by a professional.  This is not a do it yourself task.  Inspecting and cleaning the wiring and mechanisms of the unit are more challenging than the average homeowner is capable of.

Some of the things you should know are to purchase a high-efficiency pleated air filter.  Keep your A/C unit free of leaves, pollen, and grass.  Replace your air filter at least every 90 days.  In the fall replace the humidifier filter and turn on the water to the furnace humidifier.

In the Charlotte NC area your full service HVAC company is  Now is the perfect time for preventative maintenance on your home or business system.  You can always count on our licensed, bonded, and insured representatives to do the job right every time.  Call for of your fall maintenance projects at (704) 532-5653.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Several Tips to Avoid a Costly Winter Plumbing Leak.

The change of seasons may adversely affect the plumbing in your home.  While the Charlotte area does not suffer the same bitter cold as our northern neighbors it is still inclement enough to warrant your attention to detail.  Here are some things to know before temperatures hover around the freezing mark at night.

Protect your pipes from freezing…You may reduce this possibility by blanketing your uninsulated pipes in a blanket of foam.

Fix those leaks BEFORE the weather changes.

Drain your hot water heater…rust can find its way into your drinking, cooking, and bathing water.

Disconnect and wrap up your outdoor hose.

Have your sump pump inspected and cleaned up if necessary.

Don’t play fast and loose with colder weather.  The results could be disastrous!  For a proper home inspection and all your plumbing repairs call we are serving our corner of the world by solving your plumbing problems in the Charlotte area.  Call us today (704) 532-5653.