Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bringing the Heat.

This time of year in the Charlotte, North Carolina area our thoughts turn toward staying warm.  Warmth in our home, our business, and from our hot water heater are all important.  It would be comforting to know that one area company satisfies all of those needs.  That way, if you own a business, you can make one call for all of your residential and commercial heating needs.

Do you need a new furnace - be it electric, gas, or propane?  How about a heat pump, a boiler or a radiator?  Some need a baseboard heater or radiant heating.  Check out the specs on Bradford White water heaters.  When you learn more about them you may want only the best.  Now it comes time to find a licensed Bradford White dealer in the Charlotte area.

That full-service plumbing and A/C specialist in Charlotte, NC is Repairing America.  We always give you expert service with NO surprises.  You will know the cost of the job before it begins.  First things first, visit our website at  We think that you will see for yourself that whether the job is commercial or residential you can count on us every time.  Call (704) 532-5653 today.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Electrical Problems at Your Business.

In business “keeping the lights on” has two meanings.  Obviously, the first one is economically so that you can serve your customers.  The real life dilemma of keeping the lights on may rear its ugly head from time to time.  It is imperative to make sure that the electrical system within your building is working at peak efficiency whenever you are open for business.

Here are some problems that may occur - 

1.  Sparks emanating from electrical outlets around the building.
2.  Lights that flicker intermittently.  Loose connections may be the reason.
3.  Larger and heavier appliances.  These are not your normal kitchen appliances.
4.  Sudden loss of power.  Hello…wake up call!

Problems such as these should be troubleshot BEFORE they occur.  In the Charlotte, NC area we have come to count on Repairing America.  Repairing America is your Charlotte electrical repair and maintenance pro.  For any business related electrical problem in the area call Repairing America at (704) 532-5653 and stay safe this winter.